Ocean of Cognitive Dissonance

With August coming to an end, it’s about time to start picking up the books that you’ve promised to read since Christmas. The self reflection book, gathering dust on your bedside table, your grandmother gifted you; the poetry book that was written so long ago, might as well be in Ancient Greek; and that diet recipe book you’ve been pretending doesn’t exist, as if you’ve long lost those Christmas-Fat-Rolls.

However, with September just around the corner, we might as well unpack our Christmas lights, and start the Christmas carolling, as thousands of artists around the world unpack their new laptops, drawing tablets, and selfie machines. The sound of popping bubble-wrap is like a symphony of cognitive dissonance roaring through the ground. So put away that latest edition of “Cosmopolitan”, and forget about the horoscopes of that week – they were the same 10 years ago, and they haven’t changed since. Instead take a look at all the beautiful WordPress blogs appearing on the horizon, and pick a random one out. Just any random new blogger with one of those quirky titles or a word-salad for a name, created using the “random” feature of an online dictionary.

These are the newly bred artists, entrepreneurs, creators. They will dictate what the new trends are, which big company names we shall boycott, and what new toy shall replace the fidget spinners in the hands of our kids. Absolutely everything they do will be forever recorded online, and have an impact on the rest of our lives, whether we like it or not.

In this ocean of cognitive dissonance floats a little salmon fish – the owner of this blog,


I was one of those lucky little salmons, that had a Christmas in September, and got to be a part of the bubble-wrap orchestra. And starting today, I will be putting out various words I found in the dictionary alongside my own art. Art I claim to be as good as Jackson Pollock, or Joseph Koudelka. My philosophies will blatantly copy the words of Žižek, and even though I don’t have his thick accent, it will be just as incoherent…

Despite this, every now and then, I will share something that really is good. Just like every little artist out there will. Every one of those tablets, laptops, and cheap DSLR’s will go on to create the artists of our future. Some quicker than others. Eventually all of us will have produced something we’re proud of for others to enjoy.

As much as you wished to get rid of these crazy emotional cannons that we as artists are, we are a force not to be reckoned with. So why not find your own little word-salad to support and follow, and let the ocean waves take you away.


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