Beans, Beans, Beans.

Creating a viral video is no easy task. I suggest you don’t waste any time, power on your laptop and open up your illegitimate copy of Word 2013 and… Not so fast, this is no easy task, so stop staring at the outline of your reflected face on your hard earned Macbook Pro.

First you’ve got to pick what type of coffee you shall drink. Once you’ve decided that it will be an Italian press, you’ve got to shift through the types of coffee beans you’ve got. Robusta, for those who have lost their taste buds to the countless cigarettes you go through, or Arabica for those who went to Starbucks once and the Barista gave them a pep talk about how this is an exotic blend. You will also probably find a few other blends that random coffee roasters around town have convinced you to spend €20 on, but let’s not pretend any of us ever remember the background of each of those bags, or any of the promised side-effects they will have on us.. Relaxed stomach after a coffee? I’d rather not.

You’ve got your choice of beans, it’s time to pick a coffee-grinder. You could go for the handy electrical one, but we all know the coffee will taste very metallic after the acidity of your beans will react with the aluminium grinder and therefore result in a very poor blend. Or you could spend the next 20 minutes powering through a mechanical grinder that’s been gathering dust on your fridge since you got it as a housewarming gift a couple of months back. It will result in a very rich and strong blend, as coffee beans will soak in the rich flavours of the Canadian Maple, tickling your nose hairs.

Now put together your Italian Coffee Press, place it down on the stove and sit back down at your laptop. This is the time where you realise that you don’t know as much as you claim about your most passionate topics. It’s one thing to recall facts, little quotes and names of corporations you would totally boycott if it wasn’t that their drinks just taste so irresistible. And as you finally find a topic you’re passionate about, you start your mind-map. Dotting down approaches, topics, styles, arguments, and anything else you might have pop in your mind.

It’s about time to check up on your coffee. Pour yourself an espresso, and a small glass of water. Enjoying an espresso is like a good whiskey tasting. It isn’t about the hit you get. It’s all about the process of making it, and tasting it. taking your time to relax and just enjoy this simplicity of life. So drink the water and clear your taste buds. Appreciate the fact that you’re now a snob. A connoisseur of coffee. Take your sip of coffee.

Look back at your paper.

Take another sip.

Look at the paper.

This is where everything looks stupid again. You reconsider your idea, and take a different approach. This is where the idea clicked for me. Climate change is something I’ve been most involved with over the past 3 years. I’ve took part in big projects of awareness, but nothing has seemed to click with the general public. What does click, only clicks amongst those who already understand the movement. It’s those that you want to reach and approach.

It was upon me now to find a way to reach those who understand the topic of climate change, and make them pause for at least a minute and hear me out.

My task was to present my idea. The following is a compilation of clips made by others, that best portrays my idea. Just like that espresso, approached in steps, I show you two steps and let that brew with you for a bit. Let your imagination run crazy, while the coffee brews, enjoy those aromas that you can just get a whiff of.

Watch for yourself

Now you’ve watched it all. The ending of a viral awareness video must be a punch. Something to think about, something that makes you stop in your tracks and reconsider your own actions.

Take your espresso and down the last of it. This will be your hit. It’s what will keep your video alive. Enjoy it all.


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